In this assignment, we had about “how to win an argument”. And the importance of having a conversation. The first argument Caroline (my partner) and I discussed, was if we should have a mobile free school or not. Caroline think that we should have a mobile free school and I think that we should not have a mobile free school. why? I think that we … Continue reading Conversations

My book choice

The new assignment we got was to choose a book that you wanted to read. the two options we got was “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” and “About a boy”. The book I chose to read is “About a boy” by Nick Hornby. I chose to read this book because it sounded interesting and funny. the genre is romantic comedy and drama, … Continue reading My book choice

My self

Thanks for joining me! Hello, my name is Nora and I go to Sandvika high school, it is a very nice and huge school. It is around 900 people at the school. My friends and I go at something named business class where we learn about Marketing and Management. The first week of school we did a lot of getting to know each other games, … Continue reading My self