My reading of “About a boy”


The most important information we get from the book/novel is that our main characters are different and more lonely than other people around them. So when they first met, they were skeptical to each other. But when they got to know each other they became friends. That is what I think the theme in the book is. Even though you are lonely and do not really fit in the community there will always be someone that you will get along with. Another important thing is that both became more responsible and more independent. They grow up with each other.

The story takes place in North-London, where Markus first met Will.

“What’s that floating next to it?” Will asked. “Is that the bread you threw at it?”
The first important thing that happens in the book is when Will stands up for Markus when he kills a duck.

“That’s not a sandwich, that’s a bloody french loaf. No wonder it keeled over. That would’ve killed me.”
Marcus`s world falls tumbling down, after this quote. This quote sets the stage for the rest of the book.

The third most important thing that happens in the book is when Marcus get introduced to new music(Nirvana) by Will, this is because he meets a girl named Elle that also really likes the band Nirvana.

The fourth most important plot is when they are on their way to see Marcus’s dad. Elle decides to break the window to a shop owner because the shop owner has hung up a picture/poster of one of the Nirvana band people after his death. she does not think it is fair to sell and hang up posters to earn money on a dead man.

Character development:
Both the main characters developed better, and they became more independent and they learned things from each other throughout the whole book. They became assertively.

My impression of the bok:
I think the book was interesting but also weird, at first I did not get the book but it gradually developed to something good and fun. it became more interesting to see how the boys became more mature.


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  1. Good observations about character development.


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