Spare Parts

Spoiler alert!

«Spare Parts» is a movie about some high school boys. They get to getter to build an underwater robot. With the teacher, they enter a competition for college kids. Because of their courage and intelligence, they wore able to win the competition.

The difference that surprised me the most about the points, was probably that there was no advertisement for the Robotics competition in the recruiting office, nor was Oscar the impetus for the group although Oscar was very much a go-getter and leader. Entering the competition was the idea of the teacher and there were two of teachers, Fredi Lajvardi and Allan Cameron. There was no engineer who was a substitute teacher and who thought about leaving the school in the middle of the term. Why this was interesting is because the teacher was the one that gave these boys a chance, and was willing to risk their lives. It is a whole new perspective on the story.

Because of were the boys came from, they did not have the same amount of money that the college kids had. So they had to use what they had. When the boys arrived at the competition they had a leakage, and they decided to use tampons to absorb the water. The boys were solution oriented and came through with it. This is maybe why they won the competition in the first place.

Robots can be useful in many areas, food industries, paper industries, fashion industries and many more.

After trump became the president he has been very clear about who is allowed through the border and who is not. The Mexican border has been discussed in media and the same with the green cards.



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  1. True, Trump has changed the action that Obama started. It is difficult for those without papers as we saw in the movie.


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