Ernest Hemingway

The short story “A Day’s Wait” by Ernest Hemingway is about a boy called Schatz. Schatz is 9 years and has a fever. His doctor says that his temperature is 102, hi misunderstand and does not have the courage to ask. Through the whole short story, he thinks that he is deadly sick because he has herd that a temperature over 40 is deadly. At the end of the story, he asked his father about it, and it was just a misunderstanding.

Ernest Hemingway was one of the group members of writers called lost generation. These writers rejected what they saw as an American focus on acquiring many possessions.

Hemingway and others from the writing group had an influential style of writing. They expressed their ideas in writing styles that were new and different. Hemingway´s writing style, particularly his method of writing dialogue, has influenced many other writers. He is one of the most often imitated writers of the 1900s.

Fact Becomes Fiction: Some of Hemingway’s stories are based on actual events in Hemingway’s life. “A Day´s Wait” is an example, and while Hemingway was living in France, his son came down with high fever and reacts similarly to the boy in the story.

Hemingway’s style:
– Hemingway strives to use vivid verbs and precise nouns rather than using many adjectives and adverbs. (word-choice)
– Hemingway often uses long sentences for descriptions and short sentences when characters are talking. (sentence structure)
– Hemingway relies heavily on realistic dialogue as a method of characterization. (dialogue)
– These elements help create Hemingway’s unique writing style.

Hemingway’s word choice:
1. People were there, but he felt detached from them.
2. There is a serious flu epidemic this winter.
3. He had slack muscles from lack of exercise.
4. It was evidently too much for him to deal with.
5. The man observed a covey of partridges.

Characterization analysis:
Schatz has a fever and does not feel good. He does not show concern but we get a feeling that he is scared of what’s going to happen. He shows his concern by actions, he lay still in the bed and do not move a bit the whole day. He is not concentrating when his father read a book, and so on. We don’t know the boy’s feelings untill the end. the misunderstanding is the biggest concern, and that Schatz did not say anything when he heard what his temperature was is worrying.



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